Investing in electricity from solar power

Greater independence in the event of energy bottlenecks, high CO2 savings: LUBING has put a 6731 square metre photovoltaic system into operation at its headquarters in Barnstorf.

The high-performance PV system is installed on the roofs of the production halls. It was installed in sections and covers almost all of our electricity requirements. “We are expecting a yield of more than 1,100,000 kWh, which is roughly equivalent to the consumption of just over 300 households,” says Technical Managing Director Michael Abeln. The expansion is set to continue in the first quarter of next year, says Michael Abeln: “Then we will also fit the last free areas with solar panels covering an area of around 975 m². That’s another 190,000 kWh per year. This will cover our entire electricity requirements with this system”.

“This is already paying off in the current situation because it makes us a little less dependent on current prices and possible energy shortages,” adds Managing Director Markus von der Assen. But that is not the only reason for the high level of investment. “This alone will save us more than 750 tonnes of CO2 per year from 2024.”