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LUBING GreenTec fogging systems use the principle of direct evaporative cooling to effectively cool and humidify the ambient air, thus making a significant contribution to optimum growing conditions.

  • Optimum cooling performance and homogeneous distribution of humidity thanks to 70 bar water pressure and special high-pressure nozzles:
    In order to achieve rapid evaporation of the water mist and thus good cooling performance without moisture formation, the water droplets must be smaller than 20 micrometers. The GreenTec high-pressure nozzles produce droplets as small as 5 micrometers.
  • Reduction of irrigation
  • Increased yield through stable humidity and the associated increase in plant production:
    Stable humidity in the greenhouse Helps the plants to keep the stomata open for a stable supply of nutrients.
  • Simple installation
  • Greenhouse areas can be controlled separately
    Uncompromising quality and reliability

Fogging-Systems for Greenhouses

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Controller for Fogging-Systems

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