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LUBING GreenTec is the business division of LUBING Maschinenfabrik for the greenhouse industry. LUBING Maschinenfabrik was founded 75 years ago in Barnstorf and is the market leader in the fields of Climate- and Conveyor-Systems for agricultural livestock farming. With this many years of experience, we utilise the synergies that arise between the two production areas.

Our Fogging- and Pad-Systems utilise the principle of direct evaporative cooling to effectively cool and humidify the ambient air, thereby making a significant contribution to optimum growing conditions:

  • Optimum cooling capacity and homogeneous humidity distribution
  • Reduction of the irrigation requirement
  • Increased yield through optimised humidity and therefore higher plant production: It all depends on the perfect interplay between relative humidity and temperature. If both values are optimally matched (vapour pressure deficit (VPD)), the plant can fully develop its genetic potential. Both too high and too low VPD values lead to stress for the plant.
  • Simple installation
  • Uncompromising quality and reliability

Fogging-Systems for Greenhouses

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Pad-Climate-Systems for Greenhouses

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