Actual message about COVID-19

Barnstorf 2020/03/24

We consider it is our duty to participate in the official recommendations to slow down the spread of infection Covid-19.

LUBING will continue to operate as normal which means that our sales, customer service and technical staff will remain available to support our customers in their daily needs.

The measures we take in the area of our production to comply with the prescribed contact restrictions are demanding a great deal from the LUBING staff. We are grateful for this commitment and appreciate this attitude of solidarity, which is not a matter of course in these difficult times.

As we also need to be supplied for our production, we work closely with our suppliers and forwarders to ensure that the right measures are taken for our supply chains.

This will enable us to achieve the same production targets in the near future, albeit under different circumstances. Should bottlenecks occur, we will do our utmost to minimise any delay for the benefit of our customers.

The only visible change at LUBING will be the restricted access to our premises for visitors, customers and suppliers in order to limit personal contacts which are not absolutely necessary.

Like you, we are closely following the very dynamic changes during this time, and we will continue to keep you informed of the effects of developments at LUBING.

Keep your physical distance, but let us get through this time side by side.

Stay healthy!